House rules and information for walkers

House rules


  • This is a drug and alcohol-free walk in solidarity with the peoples of the world whose communities have been devastated by the effects of alcohol and drugs.
  • Each individual walker commits him or herself to behaving with no violence and no verbal abuse at all times.


  • Please show gratitude towards our hosts for accomodation provided (campsite or floor space) and bring a tent and sleeping bag etc
  • Accept any food provided by our hosts and supporters – for those with special dietary requirements, you will be responsible for your own meals
  • Ensure that every place we stay in is left in a cleaner state than on entering it. As the walk begins at 8.30 every morning, you will need to wake up at 6.30 to allow time for breakfast, packing and cleaning before leaving.


  • Please ensure that you respect the ideas of others and of our hosts – expect no-one to be at your service
  • Animals are not allowed during the walk. Past experience has proved that they can cause liabilities and are mistrusted by our hosts.


  • Each walker is responsible and liable for his or her time on the walk– the organisers cannot be held responsible for any pretext


Food and Accomodation

We will organise a network of co-ordinators and supporters along the route to provide meals and floor space accomodation. In some areas this may prove impossible to provide, so be prepared to :

  • cook and clean when required
  • to sleep on the floor or in your own tent



Banner holders wearing fluorescent jackets will be posted in the front, middle and back of the marching procession. Please heed their advice when crossing roads and respect other road and path users by walking in single file when necessary

  • Each walker is responsible for himself and his business at any time.
  • Allow plenty of food and drinking water for the day.

Equipment required

Please try and bring no more than the minimum required. We only have a small van to transport the walkers’ baggage from place to place, thus allowing you the comfort of walking with a small, 1-day backpack. So to save on volume and fuel, please ensure that you travel as light as you can. You will need :

  • a small tent, bedroll and sleeping bag
  • a mug, a plate, fork knife and spoon for meals
  • warm gear for the evenings and waterproofs
  • musical instruments if you would like to share music
  • banners and flags for the walk 


Each walker will be responsible of the cost of his trip, to and from the site of the walk, as well as any extra costs incurred for food or medecine outside the community meals.


We require each walker to pay 7 euros a day as a contribution for the food, tranport and organisational costs. (If this is beyond your means and you can think of a different way of contributing to the walk, please contact us and negotiate !)



Thank you for having your personal liability insurance.